Different Ways to Use a Knife

Different Ways to Use a Knife

One thing you're sure to include in any respectable collection of survival supplies is a knife. It's effectively one of the most adaptable bits of hardware out there to such an extent that many survival specialists believe it's the most significant tool you can have with you.  To the non-prepper, this may appear to be somewhat odd. What's so incredible about knives? All they do is cut things. In any case, that is just one of the many uses for knives. In today’s blog post, we are going to list 19 different ways a knife could prove to be useful during an emergency situation.  Are you searching for the perfect outdoor culinary knives? Look no further. The tactical kitchen knives from DFACKTO are perfect for use in your kitchen, at the grill, or over the campfire. Shop our culinary knives today. 

1. Self Protection 

Most importantly, a knife is a weapon. It can be utilized as a protective tool against individuals and wild animals. Just having a knife on hand can give you a feeling of safety. 

2. Clear a Path

In the event that your knife is quite large, you can utilize it to carve your way through thick greenery while you're moving. For a better reach, attach it to a stick. 

3. Hunting 

Not only is a knife a decent weapon, but when attached to a stick as a shaft, it makes an incredible lance to toss at creatures, although, this is a lot harder than it sounds.

4. Cleaning Game 

In case you're fortunate enough to get little game or fish while out in the wild, the knife will be the best tool to use for cleaning or gutting your catch. 

5. Cutting Wood

To cut wood with a knife, you'll require a wood stick as well. Place the blade of your knife against the tree or log that you are trying to cut. Next, take your wood stick and whack it against the rear of your knife's blade. After some time, the log or bit of wood should seperate. Observe that double-edged knives aren’t preferable for this as the stick could dull one of the edges. Additionally, ensure you are using a top-notch knife that won't break under the pressure. 

6. Fire 

Suppose you have no matches, lighters, stone strikers, or any other fire beginning gadgets. Many individuals would propose utilizing your knife to make a bow drill. Unless you are experienced with this technique and can locate the correct type of wood, it will require a big effort to get a fire started. Luckily, the blade of a knife can deliver fire substantially more rapidly. Simply prepare your tinder and begin striking your knife’s blade against a stone to create sparks. The sparks will get trapped in the tinder which will hold the warmth and form into a fire. This strategy also takes some training. 

7. Utensil 

Don’t have a fork? Simply eat with your knife. In any case, ensure you clean it on the off chance that you just utilized it to clean game or gut fish. 

8. Can Opener 

Despite the fact that you ought to have a can opener in your survival gear, if for some reason you don't, you can utilize a knife. Most knives can open a tin can.

9. Digging Tool 

If your knife is in good condition, it can also be used as a small shovel if necessary. You can unearth your own fire pit, burrow an opening to discard waste, or cut out a help signal in the soil.

10. Mallet 

The butt end of a tough, durable knife will work quite well for pounding stakes into the ground or nails into wood. 

11. Stake 

In the event that you don't have stakes with you, who's to say you can't utilize a knife itself as a stake? Simply hammer it into the ground where the blade can fill in as a stay for your shelter. 

12. Survival Modification Tool 

At some point you may have to make quick alterations to your knife, regardless of whether you need to cut into some of your gear or pry something open. A knife can without much of a stretch take care of business. 

13. Tool Making 

We've gone over instances of how a knife can fill in as an amazing utility instrument. However, remember that a decent knife can also make tools for you. For instance, you could utilize a knife to shave the finish of a stake or a lance. You can also utilize a knife to make different tools like catches, fish snares, and more. 

14. Rope Making 

Utilize your knife to cut long segments of bark off of trees. Next, cut those strips into smaller strips and begin weaving them together to make a rope. 

15. Making Shelter 

With regards to making cover, you'd probably prefer an ax or a saw. However, in the event that you don't have those, you can utilize a knife. As we've seen, a knife can separate wood and assist you with making stakes and rope.

16. Medical Aid 

Your knife can be a significant tool during a health-related crisis. Using your exposed fingers to cut gauze or get bits of wood or metal out of an injury is excruciating and tedious. However, a knife can do these things no problem at all. 

17. Salvage Tool 

In the event that somebody is caught in their vehicle after an accident, you can utilize your knife to break the window and slice through the seat belt. 

18. Flagging Device 

In the event that your knife is sufficiently shiny, you could utilize it as a mirror to stand out enough to be noticed. 

19. Target Practice 

Work on tossing your knife at trees or other wooden objects. When you ace hitting an object at a certain distance, take a few steps back and continue trying. Chances are, you'll never really utilize this expertise for chasing or halting assailants, yet it sure is entertaining.  As should be obvious, survival knives are flexible and trustworthy, which is the reason you ought to have at least one of them on hand. I suggest you have a fixed-blade knife with a large blade for the more uncompromising work. For example, cutting wood or delving into the ground, and a smaller folding knife for when exactness is required.

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