Friendly Fruit Cutting Hacks and Tricks

Friendly Fruit Cutting Hacks and Tricks

We owe a lot to many of our predecessors. For example, whoever discovered how to cut a watermelon and sack it in thirty seconds was a genuine pioneer.  We don't have a clue why the best-tasting, most nutritious fruit must be the hardest to get into. Yet, we no longer reserve the privilege to gripe. We are going to share with you how to cut some of the absolute best fruits that you're likely eating incorrectly. Most of us cut fruit the same way we were taught when we were children. This blog post will help you upgrade your fruit-cutting skills and make you a fruit-cutting professional.  Luckily, these cuts are quick, simple, and tasteful, which means you can serve fruit anytime of the day without agonizing over the disappointing presentation due to poor cutting techniques. Read these simple tips and celebrate your new fruit slicing or cutting talent!  Do you have the right tools in the kitchen to do the job? If you want to master all of these cuts, you’ll need some high-quality culinary knives like the ones from DFACKTO. Shop our kitchen knives today. 


When cutting an apple, think "Tic Tac Toe" rather than the regular strategy for cutting it into quarters. Place the apple face down, cut along the fanciful lines (some people utilize an elastic band to keep the apple together while cutting) and the apple is quickly separated into eight perfect cuts, while leaving the center flawless. 

Grapes and Cherry Tomatoes 

When cutting cherry tomatoes, grapes, or other smaller fruits or vegetables that are round and have no pits, attempt this: Place the grapes between two plates and than slide a long, sharp blade between the plates. This way you can cut many at once, instead of one at a time.  


If you're the same as us, as well as many others, you view pomegranates scrumptious, yet difficult to eat with having to evacuate every one of those delicious little seeds. On the off chance that this is the situation, you likely haven't attempted this technique.  First, cut off the base of the pomegranate to make a level surface and cut a little divot into the top to make a little container. Next, using a paring knife, cut top to bottom along each edge, being mindful to slice through the skin but not the fruit inside. This should leave you with six to eight fragments, which you can pull to separate. Place the fragments in a large bowl of water and with the edge of your thumb put some pressure on the base of the seeds and drive them into the water until you've separated all the seeds. 


Mangoes can be difficult to skin and cut, with a great part of the succulent fruit staying joined to the skin while the majority of the juice ends up on the cutting board. But not when you attempt this smart strategy that utilizes a drinking glass. Just cut the mango lengthwise, away from the pit, leaving four quarters. Place each on the edge of the glass, with the skin pointing out of the glass, while the fruit is facing inward. Utilizing your hand, press against the side and slide the mango down the edge until the delicious fruit cuts into the glass, leaving the skin behind. 


On the off chance that you have to peel a lot of peaches in a rush, here's a trick: take a paring knife and cut an "X" into the base of each peach. Next, dunk the peaches into a pot of boiling water and remove after 30 seconds. The peaches will slip directly out of their fluffy little skins whine-free, no peeling required. 


There's a basic cutting technique for getting the greatest amount of grapefruit for your breakfast. There are many steps in this procedure — which includes stripping off the skin and cutting out each layer. However, the outcome is thick, delicious wedges of grapefruit. 


Leave your culinary knife in the cabinet and pull out a spoon instead for this smart strategy where a tart, sweet kiwi is scooped out of its skin in a flash. 


This astute hack for cutting pineapples starts with cutting an entire pineapple lengthwise into quarters before cutting the fruit away from the skin and afterward cutting it into little triangles. When serving, keep the pineapple on the skin, which can be used as a serving dish. 


In case you're accustomed to cutting watermelon into wedges —  this isn’t the best way! A better way is to cut the melon down the middle and then cut it into a matrix. The outcome is little, scaled-down chunks that are easy to eat and don’t result in getting watermelon juice all over your face. 


Set aside the paring knife for this trick and instead use a plastic straw. Place it in the base of the strawberry and push up until the stem pops directly out. Simple and smart! 


Getting into a coconut can be difficult if you happen to be stranded on an island. However, not when you have a screwdriver, sledge hammer, and microwave on hand.  


The American Chemical Society explains that on the off chance that you peel the skin off the avocado (instead of scooping it out), you won’t lose as much of the fruit. 

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