10 Essentials for Campfire Cooking

10 Essentials for Campfire Cooking

There isn’t much better than enjoying a meal that’s been cooked over an open flame. Campfire cooking is just one of those things that make the world feel a bit more peaceful while giving you a profound connection to nature.  In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the essentials that you’ll need for campfire cooking from a quality camping cooking knife to a dutch oven and everything in between. Continue reading to learn more.  Shop our selection of camping cooking knives at DFACKTO. Our knives are an essential part of your next camping adventure. 


If you want to cook on a campfire, you’ll need to have wood. Depending upon your preferences, you can purchase bundles of wood before your camping trip or cut some of your own wood. The most important thing here is that your wood is dry. 

Matches or a Lighter

If you want a fire, you’ll also need a way to light it. While you can use more primitive methods of lighting your fire, matches and lighters are a cheap and convenient way to get your campfire started. 


You’ll also want a shovel to move around your burning logs. The shovel will help you center your fire underneath your cooking grate without risking burning yourself. 

Hatchet or Ax

If you are going to harvest your own firewood from nature, you’ll need a hatchet or ax to cut the wood into appropriately sized pieces.

Cooking Grate

Once you have gotten your fire started, you’ll need a surface to cook on. While foods like hotdogs and marshmallows can be easily cooked on sticks over the fire, if you want to cook anything else, you’ll want a cooking grate. 

Skillet or Dutch Oven

Cooking directly on the cooking grate is an option, however, having a skillet or dutch oven opens up your options. Cast iron skillets are incredibly durable and great for searing steaks or frying eggs. Dutch ovens are quite versatile allowing you to cook everything from pancakes to pizza and everything in between.  

Camping Cooking Knife

A durable, sharp, high-quality camping cooking knife is another essential you’ll need for campfire cooking. No matter what dish you’re preparing, you’ll need a camping cooking knife. If you’re looking for a culinary knife that is made for use in the rugged outdoors, shop the knives at DFACKTO

Tongs and Spatula

Once you’re cooking, you’ll need tongs and a spatula to flip and turn your food to keep it cooking evenly without risking burning your fingers. 


To ensure your health and safety, you’ll want to keep all of your food in a cooler with ice or an ice pack. Ensure your food is kept at a temperature below 42 degrees until you are ready to cook. 

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