DFACKTO Basecamp Tactical Chef Knife Set
Basecamp Set
Basecamp Set
Basecamp Set
DFACKTO Chef Knife Santoku Knife Serrated Knife and Paring Knife
DFACKTO Fillet Knife and Boning Knife
DFACKTO G10 Handle
DFACKTO Honing Steel
DFACKTO Boning Knife Tomahawk Steak
Basecamp Set
Basecamp Set


Basecamp Set

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83 reviews

Are you prepared for your adventure? The Basecamp set has been designed as the most versatile rugged set of culinary knives crafted for indoor and outdoor use ready for work. These premium knives have been crafted for everyday use and will be a centerpiece of your next camping trip, backyard BBQ, or wherever you roam when slicing through primal cuts and filleting fresh fish, prepping delicate fruits and veggies in your kitchen, but built tough to withstand extreme conditions on your next outing.


  • DFACKTO Interceptor Series knives ready to taking all tasks, a honing steel, and carrying case
  • Blades are all made from high-carbon stainless steel for superior quality
  • Includes protective sheath for each knife
  • Knives all feature a non-slip grip perfect for indoor and outdoor use

The DFACKTO Basecamp Set includes 7 knives with protective sheaths and a honing steel from the Interceptor Series lineup all tightly secured in a rugged carrying case.

Included in the DFACKTO Basecamp Set:

  • 10" Butcher Knife
  • 8β€³ Chef Knife
  • 7.5" Fillet Knife
  • 6.5" Santoku Knife
  • 6" Boning Knife
  • 6β€³ Serrated Utility Knife
  • 3.5β€³ Paring Knife
  • 8" Custom Honing Steel
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Custom Sheaths for all 7 Knives


Each Interceptor Series high carbon stainless steel 5Cr15Mov blade has been tumbled and acid stonewashed generating a stable oxide barrier between the steel and environment that creates a non-reflective surface while enhancing corrosion and rust resistance, reducing blade maintenance, and preserves the blade appearance by hiding scratches unlike inferior coated blades that chip and peel.

With a Rockwell hardness of 57+/-, the DFACKTO Interceptor Series high carbon stainless steal creates the perfect blend of excellent edge retention, extreme durability, and exceptional performance for a lifetime of durability.


Each Interceptor Series knife has been meticulously crafted to achieve excellent balance and will comfortably fit into large and small hands. Each style of blade in the series has been honed to the specific task associated with blade types and style. The black fiber-resin scales incorporate finger grooves for a solid pinch grip combined with a scalloped bolster for superior slip resistance while the heal is finished with a lanyard hole to securely tether you knife when not preparing food in a traditional kitchen atmosphere.

The impact resistant G-10 mil-spec fiber-resin anti-slip handle is nearly impervious to heat, cold, and moisture further secured to the full tang blade by three acid stonewashed corby bolts. With imposing style and rugged functionality, take command and make statement about who you are.


High Quality Acid Stonewashed High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades

Won't chip or peel like coated blades

High Carbon blade maintains a sharper edge for longer


G10 Fiber-Resin Handle

Nearly impervious to wet, hot, and cold environments

Travel set designed for use in the kitchen and outdoors


Handle Designed for Secure Use

Thumb Grooves when Hammer Gripping helps stabilize while chopping

Large Finger Grooves assist when using a Pinch Grip yielding massive control for precision

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