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6" Hybrid Boning & Fillet Knife


6" Hybrid Boning & Fillet Knife

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Best Boning Knife

The best boning knife is the one that provides greater efficiency, ease of use and much more. DFACKTO boning knife is designed to provide an easy way to remove bones from meat, fish and poultry. It is a perfect knife for outdoor living. When camping in the wild, you need knives that can do more than cutting and slicing. You also need knives that can withstand outdoor elements like harsh weather conditions. The best boning knife will not let you down and that’s what DFACKTO is offering. We specialize in making knives for outdoor, rough living.

Our boning knife is made from high-carbon, stainless steel material and is sturdy. It comes with excellent grip and efficient design. During camping or any type of outdoor living, you will need knives for various purposes. A boning knife is an excellent option for removing bones of fish. Fish is one of the most common type of food you can get in the wilderness. When you have the perfect knife, you can easily cook your meal and stay efficient.

One of the best things about DFACKTO knives is that they are so efficient in their design. They are easy to handle and provides an excellent grip, which is very important when you are living outdoors. They are type of tactical knives that an do more than boning and cutting meat. It is a versatile knife and can be used for digging or cutting ropes if the situation arises. It will not break or lose its efficiency in rain, snow or extreme heat. Plus, they are easy to carry and store. They will not occupy huge space and can easily fit into your bag.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best boning knife. Our boning knife is a highly efficient and reliable option for people who love outdoor living.

The DFACKTO Interceptor 6" Hybrid Boning/Fillet Knife is an extraordinary tool made from high-carbon stainless steel featuring a full tang. When it comes to quality, this tactical culinary knife is built to withstand the elements and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use in cold, wet, and slippery conditions. The ultimate knife ready to conquer any field-&-stream-to-table work when control and precision are is just as important as strength and durability.


★ Premium materials set the standard for stability, handling, and balance

★ Crafted for the transition to the kitchen, built rugged for outdoor use

★ Easily debone, or slice your preferred cuts of meat with a fine, smooth edge

★ Razor-sharp fine-grain edge ideal meant to flex for whatever comes your way

★ Hunting, fishing, or camping, this knife belongs with you outdoors as much as it does in your kitchen

★Handle designed and weighted to comfortably fit both large and small hands

★ Custom sheath to protect your knife at home and on the move


Blade Length: 6"

Blade Type: Full Tang

Blade Grind: Plain

Blade Edge: 20 Degree Double Bevel

Blade Style: Trailing Point

Blade Width: 2.5mm

Blade Finish: Acid Stone Wash

Blade Steel: High Carbon Stainless 5Cr15Mov (57+/- HRC)

Handle Material: Black G10

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