How Can You Use A Cooking Knife At Its Best?

How Can You Use A Cooking Knife At Its Best?

If you were asked to choose one knife for the rest of your life, what would it be? A serrated knife works best for slicing bread, and a paring knife is a great choice for precision tasks such as hulling fruit. However, a chef or cooking knife may be the most versatile knife.

A cooking knife set is used for general kitchen tasks like cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. Here's a further explanation of what it can do and why you should buy one ASAP if you still need one.

What Is A Chef's Knife & What Is It Used For?

A chef knife's blade is long, pointed, triangular, and slightly curved. The universal design increases efficiency by placing the blade on the cutting board and using it back and forth to make cuts. A cooking knife is full-tang and fully forged—created from a single rod of stainless steel that extends from tip to handle, which makes for a sharp, perfectly balanced blade.

A good cooking knife set can handle every step of meal prep: dice an onion, smash garlic cloves, chop a winter squash, break down a chicken, and much more. You can use a chef's knife to carve or slice cooked proteins like pork chops and steak if you don't have a carving knife.

How To Pick The Perfect Chef Knife For Your Use?
  • Choose between 6-inch and 8-inch chef knives. 6-inch knives are ideal for precise tasks like chiffonading herbs or trimming pastry.
  • 8-inch knives handle both small and large tasks effectively.
  • Consider the weight of the knife (7 ounces for 6-inch, 8 ounces for 8-inch) and your hand size.
  • Knives come with various handle options, from slip-resistant polymer to sustainable wood.
  • Know your cooking style to determine the best size for your kitchen tasks.
How to Safely Use a Chef Knife

Since you have a high-quality knife, ensure you're using it correctly so it lasts for years. It applies to all types of knives, not specifically the Cooking Knife—correct and safe use is vital when wielding blades in the kitchen.

Cut on the Right Surface

Always check your cutting surface. Your outdoor cooking knife will dull faster if you're cutting anything on hard surfaces such as stone or glass cutting boards. Instead, choose a wooden butcher block or plastic cutting board. These boards are better for your knife and absorb shock, making cutting easier on the wrist.

Hold Correctly

The pinch grip is a recommended technique for holding a chef's knife. To do this, curl your pinky, ring, and middle fingers around the base of the knife handle while pinching on opposite sides where the handle meets the blade. Your pointer and thumb should pinch the blade, not the handle. This grip gives better control while using the knife, minimizing the risk of cutting yourself.

Practice, Practice & Practice

Practicing every day is the best way to work on your knife skills. Watch a few videos on knife skills, then imitate what they do. If you're an in-person learner, take a cooking class that teaches improving knife skills. Then, practice and practice. You'll be cutting confidently like a professional in no time.

How to Care for a Chef Knife?

Your outdoor cooking knife will typically dull and show its age over time. Here's how to maintain your blades so you're prepared when that happens.

  • Use honing steel before each use to realign the blade's edge.
  • Invest in a sharpening stone to refine the blade's edge a few times a year.
  • Sharpening stones provide precise control for optimal results.
  • Use a honing steel to maintain the edge between sharpening sessions.
  • Incorporate honing and sharpening into your routine to prolong knife life.
  • Sharpen sparingly to prevent unnecessary wear on the blade.
Clean Your Knives

The other essential thing is to clean your knife after each use. When not done, you risk ingredients getting stuck to the blade and causing rust. Depending on how much grime is present, a simple wash with soap and warm water will do. For stuck particles, you can soak the blad first. Remember not to put that knife in the dishwasher!

The Bottom Line

Investing in a high-quality cooking knife set from Dfackto can significantly change your experience. With superior design and durability, it becomes a trusted companion in the kitchen, allowing precise cuts and effortless food prep. A good knife enhances efficiency and gives you the confidence to easily tap into your culinary creativity. Browse our selection of premium knives and order online today!