How to buy your first chef knife set

Factors you must consider when buying Your first chef knife

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A good chef knife set will improve your cooking skills. A single, well-maintained blade can help you perform many cooking tasks, such as chopping up a few vegetables or breaking down an entire fish.

Of course, we're not talking about your regular kitchen knives. We're talking about premium knives, whether camping chef knives or kitchen chef knives designed for serious cooks. You may have seen them in stores or in the kitchens of your more cooking-inclined friends, but buying one for yourself can be a little confusing. There's a huge selection of chef's knives available, and many are a bit expensive.

Luckily, McNeal, a professional chef, has shared some of his hard-earned knowledge with us. Read on to learn the tips on buying your first chef's knife.

Expert Tips for Buying The Best Chef's Knife
Why Is a Good Knife Important?

A sharp, quality knife will save you time in the kitchen. It'll preserve your ingredients and protect your fingers. More importantly, a good knife is a sharp knife with which you can perform much more enjoyable tasks.

With a chef knife set, you can slice delicate herbs and vegetables without worrying about bruising them. You can also get a clean cut through meats and seafood. A sharp blade is much safer than a cheap, dull knife.

McNeal says a dull knife will roll off of anything you're cutting and put your fingers in danger.

Chef's knives are also known for versatility. A well-designed, appropriately sized knife can replace several lower-quality knives of differing sizes. This frees up space on your cooking surface (and needs less kitchen storage space while not in use).

Are Chef's Knives Expensive?

Buying an outdoor chef knife can be daunting, especially considering the price tags. Some are available for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, there's no need to spend a hefty amount when buying a chef's knife, but always look for these features-

  • Comfort first: Find a knife that feels right in your hand.
  • Shop in person: Test different sizes to see what works.
  • Size matters: Avoid knives that are too big or small for your tasks.
  • Weight balance: Seek a knife that's neither too heavy nor too light.
  • Handle ergonomics: Look for a comfortable grip.
  • Personal fit: Choose based on both practicality and preference.
How to Maintain a Chef's Knife

The best chef knife is a bit like a car: It makes your life much easier but needs proper care and maintenance. The most important thing, as per McNeal, is keeping it clean. Hand wash it thoroughly, as the high temperatures inside a dishwasher can make the blade look dull. Take time to dry the blade, as any remaining water, particularly on carbon steel blades, can lead to rust.

Sharpening your knife regularly is vital, especially if you're using it frequently. Your instinct might be to run the blade on a honing rod a couple of times, but be cautious about that. Honing rods are made to realign the edge of the blade, not sharpen it.

Using a whetstone is a much smarter choice. However, seasoned users have trouble using a whetstone properly, so they use an electric sharpener.

How Long Does a Chef's Knife Last?

You will have a long-lasting blade if you buy a quality camping chef knife and follow the proper tips to keep it sharp, clean, and dry. When properly cared for, it can impress its owner. Like a cast-iron pan, a well-maintained knife can last you a lifetime. A sharp knife makes meal prep more enjoyable in the kitchenβ€”even if it's a simple cutting of onions.

The bottom line

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