What are the 3 basic knives you must-have?

What are the 3 basic knives you must-have?

The most crucial piece of kitchenware you can own is a knife, which you always reach for when preparing food. We adhere to the "less is more" principle when it comes to these essential instruments. Even though those 8-piece kitchen knife sets look like a fantastic deal, you don't need that many.  The chef's knife, the serrated knife & the paring knife are the three most important knives you should have in your black knife set collection. These three items can be used to carve a turkey for Thanksgiving, slice the tomatoes, shell strawberries, and much more.

The Three Most Important Knives for a Simple Kitchen:
Chef's Knife

The chef's knife is the most frequently used of the three, so spending money on a good one and taking good care of it is worthwhile. Except carving a roast or dissecting a watermelon, you can chop, slice & julienne almost anything with this knife. It should have a long blade, a grip that is comfortable in your hand & be both sturdy and light. You want a knife that suits you and that you feel confident using on those days when you are cooking a lot. Chef's knives typically have a blade length of 8 inches or 10 inches. There is no ideal length; the length that works for you on your chopping board depends on your comfort level. Look out for this in-depth article about chef's knives & the finest knife sharpener for additional details.

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Serrated Knife

Both hard & soft foods can be cut with a serrated knife, sometimes referred to as a bread knife. When slicing tomatoes or crusty bread, for example, use this knife to softly saw through the food without crushing the interior. A serrated knife will last you a very long time because of how long its tiny grooved blades retain their sharpness.

This knife with an olive wood handle is the ideal tool for cutting delicate fruits & vegetables because it is smaller than typical bread knives. It also looks good enough to be placed on a cheese board. The pronged tip is ideal for piercing cheese cubes off a plate, and the hollow blade keeps items from clinging to it while you're slicing.

In commercial kitchens, you'll typically see chefs using a bread knife like this. The plastic offset handle is lighter in your hand and easier on your wrist. Additionally, it makes it simpler to quickly and effectively slice a lot of bread.

Paring Knife

A paring knife ought to be your go-to tool for small-scale tasks that demand accuracy. Opt for knives with something like a 3- to 3.5-inch blade and a light handle. According to our expertise, this is the ideal length for cutting up berries, deveining shrimp, segmenting oranges, and peeling baked potatoes.

With proper care (no dishwashers!), this heavily loaded paring knife from the black knife set features an ultra-sharp steel blade that lasts for years. When coring fruits and vegetables and fitting into tiny spaces, the pointed, sharp edge excels. Although relatively affordable, it has a substantial, costly feel to it.

A little serrated paring knife would be the additional knife we would provide in this basic black knife set. We frequently use this Victorinox knife with a rosewood handle. It looks good enough to display on a cheese or charcuterie tray and is ideal for slicing tomatoes or a small loaf of bread. You may also use the four-piece black knife set that this knife comes with as steak knives.

The Extras:

1. Cooked meat, chicken, and fish are cut with a slicing knife. It should be eight to ten inches long to span a sizable roast, narrow for less drag & flexible enough to effortlessly remove the flesh from the bone.

A cleaver can chop, slice, fillet, scoop, smash, and do all the other things a chef's knife can accomplish with the right hands. Its thick, rectangular blade is made to cut through the kinds of bones that other knives find challenging.

2. A boning knife is used to delicately remove the bone from raw fish, poultry, and meat. Its blade, which is about six inches long and about as thin as a slicing knife, is sufficiently flexible to follow the curves of a fish or a bird.


A knife is a piece of necessary kitchen equipment, so be sure to buy wisely & pick something which is not only effective but also secure and simple to use. We sincerely hope you found the advice above to be useful. Happy cooking!

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