Signs That You Need a Brand New Modern Knife Set

Signs That You Need a Brand New Modern Knife Set

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Dangerous and inevitable are the two words that can be associated with the truth about dull knives. This is when the requirement of a modern knife set comes in. It is because a dull life can sleep while sliding over your food ingredients and requires more pressure to make a total cut, resulting in higher chances of losing control over the knife and cutting into something that might not be food, and you would not want that. Though no knives stay sharp forever, they also don't happen to sharpen themselves. But many people make their everyday meals without realizing that their lives are not cutting well like they used to be. The knife's blades deteriorate gradually with regular use, so that is not avoiding the darling of life; it's inevitable. However, other contributing factors should and can be avoided so that the sharp edge stays for a long time. How do you determine if your knives have become dull? If you are someone who never notices and continuously watches the vegetables fly across the kitchen like the slippery little sucker from Pretty Woman, then your knife has probably become dull. So how exactly do you tell the difference between a dull knife and a sharp knife? Some people slide their fingers across the edge of the blade to examine how easily they slice through the skin. Despite this being a common practice, this is not a safe one. Alternatively, you can check out these obvious signs to test the sharpness of your knives.
  • The Mushy Tomato
Much like a person who refuses to season love, the tomato is tough on the outside but mushy on the inside. It takes someone special, a sharp modern knife set here, to be able to pierce through the skin and reach the machine area without making a mess. So, if you have sliced through a tomato and end up with a mess, there's a good chance that you have a dull knife. It does not have to be with this, though. All you would require is a sharp knife, and your work is done. So, if you wonder what type of knife is suitable for this tomato test, let us clear that. There are various debates about the best knife for slicing a tomato- chef's knife versus santoku, serrated versus straight edge, and there's even a tomato knife in existence. However, none of that matters because it all comes down to your preference and the sharpness of the knife. Any knife with a sharp edge can easily break through the top skin of the tomato and create evenly cut slices without making a mess. Read More: Why High Carbon Steel Knife is Better
  • The Slippery Onion
If you tried the tomato test and are still not sure, let's do an onion test. You already know that onion is one slick vegetable and the reason is not that it is sneaky but because of its slick skin. You might have noticed that whenever you cut an onion, it slips and slides all over the skin like the last piece of rice on a plane that slides around your spoon. If this happens with your knife, it is about time to switch to a modern knife set.
  • The Cracked Pepper
We still have the cracked paper test if the tomato paste and the slippery onion test failed to determine if the knife is sharp or not. And, no, we are not talking about the kind of cracked pepper that the one guy who only works at an Italian restaurant is asking people for cracked pepper. Here we are talking about a bell pepper that makes a loud cracking sound when it is chopped. Actually, the cracking sound comes from the rigid cuts, which really happens when we use a dull knife. Now, if you are not into sound effects, you will definitely want a sharp knife while chopping bell peppers.
  • The Paper Test

If all the above tests fail you to get into work properly, the paper test can be the deal-breaker for you. It is super fun for testing the sharpness of the knife. All you have to do is bring the piece of paper, which is the bill you probably hate to pay and hold it out in front of you at your shoulder's height. After this, pick up the knife with your hand, which is dominant and press the blade down on the paper's slicing away from yourself. If the knife is sharp, it will cleanly slice right through the paper without any difficulty; however, a dull life will either along the edges or tear the paper unevenly. These are some of the tests you should do to determine the credibility of your current knife.


Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is not a difficult task to do if you take care of your nice and follow the rules of kitchen knife safety. You sure can preserve it for a long time; however, it tends to lose its credibility with regular usage, which is whyΒ  modern knife set will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen. So get a set for your kitchen today.


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