Unleash the chef inside you with the best chef knife set

Anatomy of a knife - Your must have chef knives set

Whether you area chef or cook if cooking really means to you, let me tell you a secret. The most important part of any cooking is you, and the most important part of you is your knife. And that's why it's very important to have a great relationship with your knife. If you wanna have a great relationship with food. Let us make that relationship great for you.

A designer reliable blade, the best chef knife is just your right choice. Our designer understands your unique relationship with your knife in the kitchen or camping. We design a blade that combines reliability and durability.

Let us break down the Chronicles of best chef knife. So, any knife will always have four major parts to it.

  1. The Tip
  2. The spine
  3. The blade
  4. The Handle

Let’s start with the Tip: The tip is the most important and the most underrated part of a chef knife set. It gives you access to areas where otherwise you cannot reach. Hence the tip needs to be sharp and it must provide you control.

The back of the blade as also known as Spine of the chef knife. For good spine you need right amount of flexibility but not too flexible otherwise you will end up cutting your hand or finger. and it definitely cannot be a stiff spine

Talking about the Blade or the Edge of the as we call it. The most important part to look at on the edge is evenly sharpening. To say the least, It should look like it’s even beveled all across the blade. When you look at the blade from one end to another, it needs to look the same thickness with the same gradient. Blade of DFACKTO chef knife set uses high-carbon material that will enhance your cooking experience and help you achieve exceptional results in the kitchen

The handle of the chef knife: It shouldn’t be too sticky and shouldn’t be too slippery. And it should have those finger guards or grip. So, you cut evenly conveniently and safely. These are on your knife so that whenever you're cooking, the finger doesn't really slip and come below the blade. As one expert notes, it is where the relationship with the knife is formed. If the handle doesn't feel comfortable in your hand or fits your grip, working with it won't be enjoyable. This is especially important if you use a pinch-grip, as it can greatly affect which part of the handle rests in your palm. Our handles are crafted from black G-10 fiber-resin for that ultimate grip in all weather conditions. 

Now let's talk in detail about the three most essential blades that you will need to know about:

 Let's start with this beautiful 15-centimetre blade-The beauty of this knife is that, It’s a straight-edged blade for all detail-oriented work, especially for peeling fruits. Imagine having to peel papaya with a small knife or a pineapple or a watermelon with a small knife with precise control. For all peeling coring detail-oriented work. This is a beautiful knife, and remember, when you find the balance on a knife, that's where you have to grip it from Next.

In line is a 17-centimetre blade with a fluted edge

Its shape is called the Santoku shape. which in Japanese means three virtues. So, this knife serves the purpose of a knife, a cleaver and a chopper. Now, when you look at its blade, you will see the fluted edge. This fluted edge prevents sticking. It prevents friction, especially when you're cutting delicate things that stick to your knife-like papaya, like cheese, or jack fruit. The other most important part of this knife other than the balance, is the weight that it carries. So, the balance and the weight of this knife allow you to use this for many purposes. You can, uses this for meats, for cheese, for veggies, for fruits. Any time you're confused, this is the blade to go to clean cut. It’s the  favorite blade of many great chefs.

The third blade is the 19-centimetre carving blade

It's called Carving Blade for a reason it does effortless work on large cuts of meat and large fruits. If you want to cut effortlessly with absolute precision, this is the blade, and you know what? The reason I most like it so much is that it gives balance, and it gives perfect control from the base to the tip.

So, there you go. These are the three essential knives that you need to have in your kitchen. And like it’s said, knife and life are about control, balance and precision.


The DFACKTO chef knife set is an exceptional tool for culinary precision. Its durability, versatility, precision, and safety make it a must-have for your kitchen. With this knife in hand, you can unleash your inner chef and take your culinary creations to new heights.